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One of a kind Premium Complex Vape Juice. Donating to PitBull Rescues. Help Us Help Them

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Menthol & Premium Lines

Check out our Menthol and Premium Lines of e-juice flavors. From minty and fruity to sour and hott, we have all kinds of tastes for you to try.

Lazy PitBull & Unleashed Lines

Fill your tanks wit the Unleashed line and wow your tastebuds. Give our Lazy line a try and see how simple blends should taste.


Hours of Operation:
Monday — Friday, 8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.

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Who We Are

PitBull Vape Juice in Hanover, Pennsylvania, produces and sells premium e-juice flavors to fill the electronic cigarettes of pit bull owners and lovers alike. Our company is also making a difference through our donations to pit bull rescue programs such as Bama Bully Rescue. Help us help them!

You won’t believe how incredible our e-juices taste. Our 1 of a kind blends are created from up to 5 different flavors from up to 6 different flavor companies to create our complex blends. Most companies use 10% to 15% flavoring in their e juice, we typically use 25% to 35%, I wont stop until the flavor is right.

****Shipping**** We create one of a kind premium complex blends. All orders are created when received, this insures a fresh product. Due to this procedure, from order to received is usually 4 to five days but could be as long as a week. Thank You in advance.

Interested in offering our products? PitBull Vape Juice is always looking to add another retail location to our family.


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Contact us to find out more about our vape juice products and our support for pit bull rescue programs.